Riverstones Church in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, has been using Faithlife Proclaim presentation software for over a year now. We were first recommended it by a visiting speaker at a time when we were looking to upgrade our presentation software. The programme we had been using hadn’t been upgraded for some years and we were wanting something that would have clean, modern graphics and would be easy to use.

I think the two main features that attracted us to Proclaim were the low annual fee for use and the in the cloud storage system.  We had been wanting to be able to prepare our presentations ahead of time from home or the office, rather than a mad rush on a Sunday morning at the Church, so Proclaim’s cloud system was ideal. I am able to prepare the various items well ahead, but can still make adjustments on the day if necessary.

Everyone loves the graphics and we now use Proclaim for Sunday services and for small group meetings during the week. Recently we transferred our pre-schoolers mid-week music session over to Proclaim. I like the fact that I can either use the Proclaim media, or make up my own backgrounds to use.

Another great thing about Proclaim is that it is frequently updated. There have been many improvements just in the year that we have been using it. New media is produced every month both in the free media section and the Pro Media that you can buy additionally.

Our pastors now use Proclaim to project both sermon illustrations and scripture verses and like the online version of the presentation that can be both viewed and printed out.

So we are happy to be using Proclaim and can recommend it to other Churches.

Angela Goose


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